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Some stories never change, which is a case of Aryan scientist that planned to spread anthrax in subway and in that way to wipe out all people in New York.

Two scientists were caught in front of their car that contained 20 million of dollars worth of lab equipment and active anthrax virus. They were caught as they were preparing to go into the desert and do a test to check whether the virus is good enough.

The plan was to set a globe filled with the virus on the tracks in the subway which would have been crushed by train which would cause hundreds of thousand deaths. For more information you could try here. The location was in subway because Harris (scientist) believed that it would shatter the economy, cause havoc and catch the army by surprise. He also said that there were plans to blame Iraqis for the attack.

FBI received a tip by unknown person who told them of the plans those two scientists had. FBI commented that the informant told them that those two scientists are buying equipment from him, and that they are planning to create a weapon. The informant was identified as cancer research scientist Ronald Rockwell. He admitted his involvement is business deal of selling equipment, but denied being the informant.

Only 12 hours after the tip from the informant FBI as well as local authorities found two scientists. People dressed in space-type suits wrapped the car in order to prevent anthrax from poisoning the air. They also sent two scientists to the hospital where they were checked for signs of anthrax of which there were none.

Several charges were brought against these two criminals some of them are conspiracy to acquire lethal toxins which would be used as weapons and the possession of dangerous biological agents. In this case postponed further troubles on Middle-East for several years. He also said that it was rather frightening when you realize that police and FBI had no information about something like this, and only by anonymous informant they were able to stop deaths of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers.